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Smartsupp Updates

Keeping things up-to-date for you!

  • Product cards

    Turn Dull Text Links into Sales-Boosting Product Cards ✨🎨

    Introducing our latest feature that transforms links into eye-catching Product cards guaranteed to grab your visitors’ attention. 👀

    You can easily showcase your best products and watch your conversions skyrocket.

    TIP: 🎄 With Christmas on the horizon, it’s prime time to give Product Cards a whirl. How? Use Product Cards to display your unique products, deals, and festive specials. 💫

    Three key points to note:

    ❗️Product cards are generated automatically from any URL links sent - whether in chat or via chatbots.

    ❗️In the dashboard, they’ll show up as regular links, but in the chat box they’ll turn into Product cards.

    ❗️You control how Product cards look by defining the image and text in your tags. Check this article for more info.

  • Leadgen chatbot

    Updated Smartsupp leadgen chatbots! 🎉🚀

    Smartsupp chatbots have a new feature: Contact Properties. With them, you can collect more data from your visitors’ inquiries, waaaay more than just the standard contact form.

    You can use this data to streamline incoming inquiries, improve your customer service, and increase your sales. 🤖

    With Contact Properties, you can:

    🧠 Learn more about your visitors, their preferences and needs

    ⚙️ Streamline your service inquiries

    👥 Create detailed customer profiles, build stronger relationships

    🎯 Segment your audience better, target them with relevant campaigns

    💬 Personalize your marketing messages, sell more

    We built Contact Properties to further fuel your business growth, helping you to generate more high quality leads and sales across your website.

    Start now and easily collect more data from your leads by simply adding extra fields to your existing leadgen chatbots! 🙌

  • AI assistant

    Discover AI Reply Assistant! ✨

    Whether you want to sound more casual or professional, friendly or formal, AI Reply Assistant 🤖 will help you craft the perfect reply for every situation.

    With AI Reply Assistant, you can:

    ✍️ Check your grammar and spelling errors.

    🗣️ Adjust your tone of voice to match your brand and the context.

    📚 Expand the content of your reply.

    To start using AI Reply Assistant, simply click on the magic wand icon in the Reply area.

  • Chat box

    Modern and faster than ever before ⚡ We're introducing our new chat box!

    After months of preparation, we are excited to present to you a completely new and improved version of our chat box, enriched with a number of great features. 🔥 What can you expect?

    Innovations in Performance ⚡

    We’ve optimized and reduced the chat box bundle size to create a minimal load on your website.

    • This ensures faster website loading
    • It has a positive impact on your lighthouse score
    • It helps with better search engine ranking

    We’ve completely redesigned the chat box resulting in a remarkable decrease in bundle size from the original 196 kb to just 79 kb! At the same time, our chat box achieved an amazing 98% Lighthouse score 🤩 (in the ‘Performance’ section), which is a big step forward compared to the previous version with 94%. With the new chat box, we are able to keep up with international competition and offer you a faster, more powerful, and modern solution for your business.

    New Enhancements 🚀

    New features, new possibilities: Take a look at the selection of the most interesting tools for you:

    • Google Analytics 4 support provides comprehensive data on user behavior (What’s new in Google Analytics 4?)
    • Adjustable sizing of the chat box for better readability
    • An expanded set of super cool emoticons for more personal communication
    • Redesigned file attachments for easier and more convenient file sharing
    • Improved chatbot design enhances user experience
    • An updated contact form helps you collect more leads
    • Simplified chat box controls for easier communication

    Modern Design ✨

    A new fresh look combined with intuitive and practical controls:

    • Attracts more customers and strengthens your brand
    • Easy intuitive controls ensure a better user experience
    • Provides easy and intuitive communication via mobile phone

    We’ve also refined our chat box in terms of design and user experience. It is designed in a modern style that combines simplicity with intuitive and practical controls. Enhanced with new animations and interactions that will make communication through live chat more pleasant and convenient. 😊👌

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make the new chat box even better. Do you have any ideas for improvement or have you noticed any bugs? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us! 🙂

    In case you encounter any issues with the new chat box, no worries! You can switch back to the old version in your chat box settings. This option will be available for a few more months.

    And, we’re not done, yet! We aim to constantly improve our chat box, so you can expect many new features in the future! :)

  • Chatbot

    Use Chatbot to Check Order Status (No Humans Required)

    Use chatbot to check online store order statuses without the need for human intervention. Providing your customers with critical order status information means better customer service and happier return customers, all at the click of a button.

    These statuses can be delivered to customers via chatbot, saving you loads of time and resources. Best of all, it is easy to set up–all you have to do is add a predesigned branch into a button that you could possibly name “Check Order Status”, and when the visitor clicks on it the chatbot automatically responds by helping the customer verify the status through a series of questions (Name, Order Number, or other relevant info).

    We currently are working on this feature for Shoptet, but many more plugins will be supported for this soon as well. If you would like some more information about how this new feature works or how to set it up, be sure to check out this informative Help article on our page.

  • Other

    Categorize and Stay Organized with Conversations Tagging

    Tag your conversations with different labels to facilitate the organization of messages received from customers. Setting tags to your conversations helps you analyze customer requests at a glance, as well as categorize the tickets in depth so that you never lose sight of important conversations.

    • You can then filter between these tags and use the visitor insights you receive to update or optimize the content of your website.
    • Also, it is a great way to analyze customer request patterns while also improving your customer care based on the insights you find within these tagged conversations–most especially when using a chatbot, it can be leveraged to improve the automated response you are giving for a particular problem or difficulty that users frequently encounter.

    Give it a try and you will see how this optimizes your daily tasks and overall customer care approach. 😉

  • Chatbot

    Evaluate Automation Performance

    Would you like to see how effective your automation really is? We are splitting chatbots and automatic messages into two separate tabs. This update will make it easier for you to evaluate how visitors interact with your chatbots and automatic messages, and therefore, how your automation is performing.

    As you can see, we have renamed the ‘Chatbot’ tab to ‘Automation’. After clicking on the tab, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to edit your chatbots or your automatic messages, as they are both not one and the same thing.

    You will then see a list of your chatbots or automated messages with their corresponding statistics, as is standard. We’ve updated both the desktop version and the Smartsupp mobile app as well. Lastly, only chatbot statistics will be displayed within the SmartHub.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to help. 🙂

  • Chatbot

    AND / OR Chatbot Conditions

    Looking for more flexible chatbot conditions? Look no further! You are now able to choose whether you want your chatbot to be triggered when all conditions are met (AND), or simply when one condition has been met (OR). This allows you to combine various different scenarios for chatbot communication with visitors to deliver a more personalized online shopping experience, and also enables you to target visitors at the right time and place.

    Put into practice, this could look as follows: Let’s say you want to trigger the chatbot only on your homepage and pricing page, but not on the other pages of your website. By using the OR condition, the chatbot will be triggered only on one of these two pages.

  • Video recordings

    Video Recordings Paired with Conversations

    Video recordings in Smartsupp empower you to easily spot trends in buyer behavior to help you optimize your website and improve business. You can now also see visitor video recordings paired with their corresponding live chat message. This is particularly useful for various business needs since you now have the specific conversation with a customer coupled with their movement on your site–here are just a few core benefits we can think of:

    1. Quickly identify the needs and preferences of your visitors for their next shopping experience, since you can see a video of their activity on your website in the chat info panel of their conversation with you, once they leave the page.
    2. Learn how to assist visitors more effectively, fix website issues, and optimize user experience. Paired video recordings with live chat show you where, why, and how that specific user encountered a problem, so that in the future you can avoid it from occurring again by literally seeing exactly how it happened and making the necessary page adjustments, rather than relying on visitor feedback alone.
    3. Benefit from a greater ease in identifying and assisting your best customers, those who you were chatting with in the past and that you know are more likely to make a purchase, especially since you can see what they are most interested in buying.
  • Chatbot

    Have no fear, chatbot as a first-line filter is here!

    Your chatbot can be now used to receive visitors on your site before they contact a human on your customer care team. This helps free your team’s hands so that they can focus on the visitors who did not get answers to their questions through the chatbot alone.

    So be it the essentials like providing opening hours, delivery details, shipping costs, and so forth, your chatbot offers your sales and customer care representatives the perfect first contact agent for potential customer inquiries. Read more.