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Case study

inSPORTline: "Communication via Smartsupp increases our conversion rate by 724%"

Featuring Martin Kubica, Head of Customer Support at inSPORTline.sk
an average response
increase in sales
conversion rate from chat alone


inSPORTline.sk e-shop has been using Smartsupp chat on their website for seven years. They gained a lot of popularity since then, which also means a higher number of visitors. The main reason they decided to use live chat was the constantly increasing number of phone calls and email inquiries from visitors, as well as the immense amount of work for their operators. It is for these reasons, primarily, that they decided to speed up, streamline, and improve their customer support.

Thanks to Smartsupp, operators can now handle 2 out of every 3 inquiries using live chat alone, and visitors can instantly get the information they need. The other reason why Smartsupp was an essential choice for inSPORTline.sk is that it offers the ability to automatically and proactively address customers with automatic messages to provide help, or notify visitors about discounts on specific products.


inSPORTline is an internationally-established Czech company with a big presence in Central Europe. They specialize in fitness products such as athletic footwear, exercise bikes, and workout equipment under their own brand. In addition, they offer gear for motorcyclists under the brand W-PEC, as well as a wide selection of bicycles and e-bikes from various brands and suppliers.


Online store with fitness equipment

Annual revenue

40M-60M EUR

Key features used

Live chat
Automatic messages

inSPORTline’s Approach and Key Features Used

Live chat

Success from the Start

inSPORTline.sk has had great success with Smartsupp live chat for several years, enabling them to communicate seamlessly with their customers. In 2022, 24,316 conversations happened via Smartsupp, yielding an average of 90 to 100 conversations per day. The company places great emphasis on availability–they want visitors to be able to contact an operator at any time.

Response Time

Their customer support is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and on Sunday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Four operators are available on the chat to answer visitor questions every day, except on Sundays. They have an average response time of 25 seconds, maximum, which is excellent. One advantage to using live chat is that one operator can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously, making their work much more efficient.

ROI Impact

The use of Smartsupp live chat also has a positive impact on the overall revenue of inSPORTline’s Slovak branch. The average order value for visitors who used chat is 2.3 times higher than the normal order value, and approximately 9.7% of total revenue comes from Smartsupp live chat. Martin Kubica, head of customer support at inSPORTline.sk, said, “We see Smartsupp as a sales channel that allows us to significantly increase our overall revenue. The conversion rate from chat alone is 10.3%, which proves the effectiveness of this service.” This means the conversion rate for visitors using live chat is 724% higher.


As part of their customer support setup, they also use a basic chatbot that answers the most common recurring visitor questions to save the operators’ time. The chatbot filters out 20% of the queries, which give the operators more time to respond to the most relevant visitor inquiries first. However, if the visitor cannot find the answer within the chatbot, inSPORTline support is always ready to assist their beloved customers online. If a visitor writes outside the operators’ working hours, they can use the contact form directly in the chat and provide their email and contact details–inSPORTline.sk customer support contacts them as soon as they receive it.

Automatic messages

inSPORTline.sk also actively uses automatic messages on their website. They have more than 45 active automatic messages in Smartsupp, which address customers on the website and offer them help with selecting a specific product. The automatic messages are set up according to the product categories on their website, and always contain specific keywords such as treadmill, bike, and other common sports items. With this approach, they let customers know that they can contact them for support anytime, and thereby increase the number of chats that lead to actual orders.

"We see Smartsupp as a sales channel that allows us to significantly increase our overall sales. The conversion rate from chat alone is 10.3%, which proves the efficiency of this service."
Martin Kubica, Head of Customer Support at inSPORTline.sk

Achieving great results with Smartsupp

Some notable recorded results inSPORTline.sk achieved by using live chat and chatbots were:

increase in sales
the conversion rate for visitors using live chat is
the average order value with chat is
times higher
chatbot filters out
of all queries


inSPORTline.sk has successfully improved the efficiency of their customer support, thanks to the use of Smartsupp live chat for communication with their customers. When using live chat services, operators are able to immediately handle 2 out of every 3 inquiries. The visitors can have nearly instant access to the information that they need, which is a big part of creating customer satisfaction. With the help of a chatbot, they are able to successfully handle all recurring inquiries, and thanks to automatic messages, they are able to address, engage, or offer assistance to visitors at the right moment. This also makes Smartsupp a great sales channel. The combination of these functions constantly helps inSPORTline.sk improve the quality of customer support, and increase overall revenue.
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