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The Future of E-Commerce: ChatGPT Live Chat

The Future of E-Commerce: ChatGPT Live Chat
Read about why live chat solutions are looking to implement ChatGPT with their product, and the different attributes and functions it offers to e-commerce managers and their teams.
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What is ChatGPT?

Tech leviathan Open AI released ChatGPT on the 30th of November, 2022 to awe, and even fear, due its awesome power as an AI tool. ChatGPT is a language model that allows users to interact with artificial intelligence in a conversational manner–yes, ChatGPT responds to your questions in a thorough and human way!

Best of all, it is like Google Search, but on steroids. The dialogue format is able to do everything from write full-length articles and essays on virtually any topic, to implement humor and any tone of voice you desire (and, even tell you jokes), write musical scores in any genre, and reply to all sorts of obscure questions that you may have.

ChatGPT really is a massive step into the future, and the next wave of AI technology.

ChatGPT Live Chat

E-commerce experts worldwide realized almost immediately that a ChatGPT live chat combination is the next big technological advancement for live chat solutions. A few questions come to mind: Why live chat with ChatGPT? What would live chat and ChatGPT be able to accomplish together? How will ChatGPT with live chat improve the work of e-commerce managers and online businesses? And, many other similar questions can arise when thinking about ChatGPT and live chat combining forces in the e-commerce industry.

Let’s see if we can answer some of these ChatGPT live chat questions here today in this article.

Why Live Chat with ChatGPT?

The first answer to this question should be, “Because, why not? That sounds pretty friggin’ awesome!” But, an answer like this does not help our analysis of this topic. So, with our ability to understand why ChatGPT live chat would be beneficial for e-shops as our central focus, we can say that:

1. Facilitated Website Visitor and Customer Communication

The central purpose of a live chat is to create virtually seamless website visitor and customer conversations in real-time. With this in mind, it would only make sense to apply features and technologies that improve or enhance this communication process. Needless to say, if Open AI ChatGPT is a language model that interacts with its users in a conversational manner, it is clear why so many live chat solution providers want to apply such technological prowess to their product.

ChatGPT with live chat may become the best way to communicate with customers and offer everything they need with little-to-no additional resources required. Furthermore, the ChatGPT AI is able to analyze conversations to collect information, which can later be repurposed into content to facilitate communication for e-commerce teams. In essence, ChatGPT live chat would be the next major evolution of live chat communication technology.

2. Next-Level Visitor Engagement and Automation Capabilities

ChatGPT and live chat also means ChatGPT with a chatbot, since a lead generation chatbot is are an integral feature within modern live chat solutions today. Just imagine having OpenAI ChatGPT capabilities for a chatbot–the live chat and ChatGPT combination would render new automation possibilities to online business owners and e-commerce managers, especially when used with chatbots.

Even before ChatGPT came into the picture, chatbots have always been and still are a great way to engage visitors. ChatGPT live chat would simply mean that the ways in which e-shop managers can engage website visitors through human and chatbot agents has become even more powerful. Live chat with ChatGPT will also simplify the automation process, and take some of the extra human legwork out of it.

This is not just a step up for core automation processes, but also a big step up for visitor engagement opportunities.

3. Futuristic and Improved Customer Service

Apart from engagement, chatbots within a live chat solution have always been essential to delivering fast and effective automated customer service. Live chat and ChatGPT together would render further ease of artificial intelligence conversation with buyers, bringing forth even faster and more effective ways to have customers’ issues resolved, without even lifting a human finger.

As with engagement, chatbots have also recently played a key role in helping to resolve customer care tickets. Automation in itself has been a hot topic in technology for more than a decade, but AI is very much the next frontier. It is logical that automating customer care tasks and now being able to use AI in a ChatGPT live chat to improve upon chatbot customer service is the next step into the future of conversational e-commerce.

So, why ChatGPT live chat? In essence, ChatGPT live chat is the next wave of technology that will benefit communication, automation, engagement, and customer service within live chat products. Live chat with ChatGPT brings with it new and very beneficial visitor help functionalities for e-commerce professionals and online shops.

In summary, chatGPT live chat brings forth the next era of live chat customer care technology.

What can ChatGPT and Live Chat Do Together?

New ways of communication, automation, engagement, and customer service in live chat solutions are at the heart of what live chat ChatGPT can potentially accomplish. Looking at this from these four reasons why, here is what each could likely achieve for live chat solutions:

1. Live Chat Content-Creation Like Never Before

If you have ever used OpenAI ChatGPT, you will know that this cutting-edge language model does not simply answer questions. It offers thorough, friendly, polite responses that can even be adjusted to specific needs or even be crafted to be appropriate to virtually any given context.

Imagine being able to build and deliver seamless communication managed and monitored by humans, with an assistant that can step in at the most difficult times to respond accurately to the most demanding communication tasks and questions when needed.

Key takeaway: Live chat and ChatGPT could build informative, fast, and thorough responses to all visitor and customer queries and needs, helping save tons of time, money, and resources, while also satisfying the buyer’s every need.

2. Personalized Engagement–No Humans Needed!

Two of the most important features a strong live chat solution must offer are chatbots and engagement tools. ChatGPT livechat gives users the ability to not only program a lead generation chatbot to deliver fast responses, but to engage visitors intuitively with knowledge of what page the website visitor is on, what they are looking for, and how best to help them in the most human way possible.

Key takeaway: With a broad knowledge base and intuition into buyer behavioral patterns and the ability to detect website visitor activity, ChatGPT live chat delivers better visitor engagement opportunities that are tailored to the needs of potential customers.

3. Customer Service without the Headaches

Online businesses get extremely busy with customer inquiries, and at times, this can be overwhelming for human agents. ChatGPT live chat offers the prospective assistance of a language model that knows how to deliver thorough and accurate responses, while communicating with an understanding of human needs and emotions, and yet, the AI itself does not have the burden of human emotion nor negative responses to stressful situations.

Key takeaway: ChatGPT and live chat customer service go hand-in-hand because you can keep all of the business-critical and much needed human qualities in customer service, all while removing the risks of human error and the emotional pitfalls that naturally come with working in potentially stressful and difficult environments–people can absolutely suck, and AI may be the best cure for difficult customers.

In summary, ChatGPT with live chat allows online businesses and e-commerce managers to accomplish a wide array of critical functions that will improve their ROI significantly. The combination of live chat and ChatGPT can accomplish more effective and more affordable communication, automation, engagement, and customer service, which all translate to higher earnings.

When considering the above information, it is clear that ChatGPT live chat will drastically improve the work of e-commerce managers and online businesses. How? By making manual processes of the past something that can be fully automated by an “almost human” agent.

ChatGPT with live chat will improve the process of communication with visitors, and also open up new ways to engage potential customers in a genuinely personalized manner. And, by further removing human error and the negative emotions associated with critical functions like customer service, human agents will now be able to use their time more effectively and pleasantly by sticking to the work that helps them manage the customer care process, rather than individual conversations that may lead to frustration, or wasted time. Furthermore, the new engagement and FAQ resolution possibilities will enhance business and boost conversion rates significantly.

Smartsupp Live Chat and Chatbots with ChatGPT

As one of today’s most popular live chat solutions in Europe, Smartsupp has wasted no time to get on the ChatGPT live chat technology wave. Smartsupp’s lightweight live chat and easy-to-use chatbots are combined with a large selection of critical visitor engagement tools that are proven to increase conversion rates and sales for online businesses.

Smartsupp is built for online businesses, aimed at boosting sales and overall ROI with intuitive customer service tools that are perfect for online store managers–users can see statistics about team performance, highlight notable conversations, and help route customer queries to the most suitable agent or group of agents.

As such, Smartsupp immediately saw the potential that live chat plus ChatGPT had for our product. And, we are proud to announce that we will be implementing live chat with ChatGPT in the very near future, the build is already well on its way!

The first implementation of ChatGPT with Smartsupp live chat is aimed at delivering personalized automatic messages based on the particular pages a visitor is browsing. Here is an overview of how ChatGPT live chat would be implemented in Smartsupp:

1. Personalized Visitor Engagement

Deliver an AI-powered automatic welcome message–live chat with ChatGPT in Smartsupp will greet potential buyers with a personalized message tailored to the targeted website visitor for the specific page they are on. This will capture their attention, and also communicate the benefits of the products they are looking to purchase, and even transmit the emotions associated with these products.

Businesses will improve visitor engagement as well as streamline the customer help and communication process.

2. FAQ Chatbot with ChatGPT

The description of your webshop can be input into ChatGPT, which can be used as handy info for the AI to leverage. It can help you prepare an FAQ chatbot with five buttons that answer the most common questions on your site as a first-level filter or chatbot greeting. This can later be rendered as a ready-made chatbot you can use for your day-to-day visitor FAQs.

In essence, no more heavy lifting to build FAQ chatbot content!

3. Conversation Analysis

Use Smartsupp’s ChatGPT live chat to analyze all of your visitor conversations. This will help the AI keep a log of critical topics and important information that it can store and use in its responses for later. Like a human agent, it can learn the information that is valuable and repurpose it when it is most needed.

4. Chat Communication Content Creation

Create fast and easy communication content for your live chat responses. ChatGPT with live chat can help you build shortcuts and quick responses to common questions, which you can use again and again. The cool part is that live chat and ChaGPT work together to build these responses for you based on the needs you type into the AI.

Chat GPT Live Chat in Practice

Let’s take a look at a quick example of how this would work. You own a retail vehicle online shop that sells high-performance European brands. So, you proceed in the live chat with ChatGPT, as follows:

  1. You type the following text into the ChatGPT field:

Our website specializes in the sale of used cars at the most competitive prices on the market. The visitor has been browsing the following pages on our e-shop:

- Mercedes-Benz C C 350 (200kW), 2009, Sedan, Gasoline, Automatic

- Audi A5 3.0 TDI (176kW), 2010, Sedan, Diesel, Automatic

- Audi A3 1.6 TDI (81kW), 2014, Hatchback, Diesel, Manual

When you type the text into the ChatGPT field, try to use a maximum of 200 characters, formal or informal tone of voice, and catchy words as needed to attract your primary audience, and emojis (if you’d like, we encourage it to a degree). You are also careful to provide only the essential elements of the vehicle descriptions, without including full titles of the pages they are listed on, in order to not overload the ChatGPT with unnecessary info.

  1. And, voila! ChatGPT comes back quickly with suggested text, as seen in the graphic below.

It’s literally that easy, and it does not end there since the AI is always analyzing and learning from conversations and the information you input into it. Smartsupp’s live chat and ChatGPT combo will help you boost conversion rates and sales, all while not even breaking a human sweat. This will not only be a more effective way of doing business, but it will also be a great way to save time and focus human efforts on the tasks that will further improve your efforts as an online business.

ChatGPT Live Chat–The Big Picture

ChatGPT live chat is the next big advancement in technology, and it is equally if not even more so for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The full measured benefits of live chat with ChatGPT have yet to be seen, but we can only expect that the results will be beyond satisfactory, likely awe-inspiring.

Would you like to give our Smartsupp ChatGPT live chat a try in our upcoming beta version? Register here to get on the e-commerce wave of the future today!