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Customer story

Můjkoberec has their chatbot running 24/7, saving valuable time for customer support

Featuring Tomáš Linhart, Project Manager
of communication with the customers is handled via chat
people are on the team who share the workload
per day online on the chat

Why live chat?

“We’re aiming to become the market leader, so we can make it as easy as possible for the customer to find what they are looking for, and therefore improve the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.”

Achieving great results with Smartsupp

Some notable recorded results Můjkoberec achieved by using live chat and chatbots were:

  • Můj koberec is an online carpet and flooring store

  • They have a physical brick-and-mortar shop in Prague

  • They also offer additional services like carpet cleaning and flooring

  • They are famous for using humor as part of their branding–they use a cartoon character depiction of Aladdin to spice up their customer communication

Carpets and Flooring with Additional Services
Key features used
they spend
per day online on the chat
in the e-shop, there are
people in the team
of communication with customers is handled via chat
the chatbot runs
saving customer support loads of time
Picture of Aladdin as a mascot challenging the myth that carpets are a “boring industry”
“The chatbot helps us engage the visitors who might be hesitant, but still curious enough to click through the answers it offers.”
Tomáš Linhart, Project Manager
Instagram posts by Mujkoberec including one more quote
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