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Customer story

Unuo design manages to resolve 40% of communication with their customers via chatbot

Featuring Irena Žirovnická, Customer Support Manager
conversations per day during the season
visits per day
of queries resolved by chatbot

Why Live Chat?

“In the chat, it’s super easy to send a link, which helps visitors find what they were looking for and put it in the cart right away.”

Achieving great results with Smartsupp

Some notable recorded results Unuo design achieved by using live chat and chatbots were:

  • Unuo has 4 online stores in CZ & SK

  • They make clothing for children and mothers

  • They offer unique fabrics from which customers sew clothes themselves

  • Unuo is now 5 years on the market

Clothing and fabrics
Key features used
of customers are converted through chat
a total of
visits per day
conversations per day during the high season
chatbot solves
of communication with customers
Smartsupp mobile app is helping Unuo design fully replace the desktop version
“The chat provides us with enough time to respond. There is no pressure to respond like there is on a phone call.”
Irena Žirovnická, Customer Support Manager
Smartsupp customer satisfied with the result of live chat and chatbot
Unuo design has personal approcah to customers evaluated in the feedback they give them
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